The integrated 4D (i4D) Preproduction System (i4D-PS) aims to support a complete storyboard designing workflow by enabling one to synthesize and visualize virtual 3D scenes from real and fictional elements. An efficient 3D preview can be obtained from large scale dynamic scenarios, which can be recorded from arbitrary viewpoints, while both the scene elements and the virtual camera configurations can be freely modified by the end-users. The finished i4D Storyboard can be viewed as a clip from which precise technical data can be derived to assist efficient filmmaking.

The propotype of the i4D-PS system has been developed in the Machine Perception Laboratory (MPLab) of MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary.

System components and technology description

Integrating technical script and storyboard with unique additional functions, the i4D-PS is a revolutionary tool for film production companies that makes the preproduction process faster and more efficient while its visualization feature assists and inspires creativity of filmmakers.

  • A scene scanner module is available for capturing real 3D outdoor and indoor environments in real time. Storage and visualization of the 3D measurements and recorded models are possible.
  • A 4D studio operates for recording dynamic 3D models of real moving actors for virtual scenario planning.
  • The obtained actor models can be put into an arbitrary 3D scene, and various types of people movements can be played within a scenario.
  • Efficient crowd simulation can be achieved by using only a few actors through their recorded 4D models.
  • Different virtual cameras can be placed into a scene, with options for parallel visualization of the different camera channels.
  • Using a library of virtual camera models, arbitrary camera configurations can be simulated, with varying focus, depth of field, cropping etc. parameters.
  • Virtual object masking is enabled to remove unneeded scene elements.
  • The system can provide as output an optimal camera configuration, defining the number & type of cameras, and camera trajectories

We seek partners

  • Investors and cooperating partners supporting further technical development are necessary both regarding the software  and hardware modules  of the system.
    • We are looking into connecting with film production companies that are already interested in utilizing the system as clients.

Sample images