Ground Truth datasets

This page contains three benchmark sets (raw data + ground truth) for different remote sensing applications.

    Terms of usage:

    The benchmark sets are free for scientific use.

    - Please acknowledge the use of the benchmark by referring to the relevant publications as indicated
    - Please notify us if a publication using the benchmark set appears.

The Building Detection Benchmark contains the rectangular footprints of 665 buildings in 9 aerial or satellite images taken from Budapest, Szada (both in Hungary), Manchester (UK), Bodensee (Germany), Normandy and Cot d'Azur (both in France). Copyright: MTA SZTAKI and INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.

AirChange Benchmark for change detection in optical aerial images taken with several years time differences. 13 image pairs of size 952x640 and resolution 1.5m/pixel.

AirMotion Benchmark for object motion detection in image pairs captured by moving aerial vehicles. 83 image pairs (of size 320x240) with motion masks, from 3 different test sets captured by flying balloons and airplanes


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