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GeoComp is a research group of the Machine Perception Research Laboratory @ SZTAKI. All rights reserved.

Full time members of GeoComp in 3D

Csaba Benedek, Head of GeoComp, holds Ph.D in computer vision, researcher and project manager in SZTAKI, associate professor with Pázmány University, co-author of a couple of research papers, participated in various R&D projects in the recent years. He is very interested in exploiting both the scientific and the commercial aspects of GIS data research. Contact: webpage

Zsolt Jankó, holds Ph.D, researcher, senior developer, expert of algorithms, hardware and software components in computer vision and geometric modeling. Co-creator and leader of developments in the SZTAKI 4D Reconstruction Studio. His opinion about the project: "Many people use 3D as a buzzword today. However, our aim is to exploit the real opportunities in 3D digital content provision."

Balázs Nagy, researcher and software developer, member of the MPLab since 2013, Ph.D. student @ Pázmány University since 2016. A key developer of the SZTAKI self driving car project, expert of machine learning applications .


Ph.D. students :

  • Balázs Nagy
  • Lóránt Kovács
  • Yahya Ibrahim

Master students:

  • Győző Horváth, MSc. student @ Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2017-)
  • Örkény H. Zováthi, MSc. student @ Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2018-)

Former student members:


Contact address

  • Address: SZTAKI, Kende utca 13-17, Budapest, Hungary
  • Phone: +36 1 279 6194
  • Fax: +36 1 279 6292

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Geo-Information Computing @ Machine Perception Lab.

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GeoComp Group leader: Dr. Csaba Benedek

i4D project manager: Dr. Zsolt Jankó

Head of MPLab: Prof. Tamás Szirányi

MPLab administration: Anikó Vágvölgyi


Kende utca 13-17
H-1111 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 279 6194
Fax: +36 1 279 6292

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