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Lidar based road scene understanding: we are able to automatically interpret the LIDAR point cloud stream obtained from a moving platform, segment different point cloud classes, detect and recognize various field objects

Processing measurements of mobile and terrestrial mapping systems (MLS/TLS): we develop automated algorithms for point cloud cleaning, monitoring various public premises, including road quality assessment, surveys of road marks and traffic signs, urban green area estimation, traffic analysis

Virtual city modeling and moving person/crowd visualization: building facade and roof model reconstruction, texture polygon or colored point cloud visualization.


4D video surveillance we jointly exploit various depth sensors and optical cameras, to achieve high level object detection and classification, multiple people localization and tracking, event recognition a biometric identification tasks.

4D people model generation: the dynamic models of walking pedastrians are prepared in the 4D Reconstruction Studio of MTA SZTAKI



Geo-Information Computing @ Machine Perception Lab.

GeoComp Research Group

Machine Perception Laboratory

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GeoComp Group leader: Dr. Csaba Benedek

i4D project manager: Dr. Zsolt Jankó

Head of MPLab: Prof. Tamás Szirányi

MPLab administration: Anikó Vágvölgyi


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