Multiple person tracking with different Velodyne sensors

This video demonstrates moving pedestrian detection and tracking in the 3D space based on foreground regions detected in point cloud sequences, considering 3 different Real Time Lidar sensors: Velodyne VLP16, HDL32,and HDL64 (back to the surveillance demo page).

Velodyne VLP 16 sensor:

Fig. person tracking in a courtyard scene with the Velodyne VLP 16 sensor [*]


Velodyne HDL 32 sensor:

Fig. person tracking in an indoor scene captured with a Velodyne HDL 32 sensor, test data provided by the János Selye University, Komarno, Slovakia [**].


Velodyne HDL 64 sensor:

Fig. person tracking in a courtyard scene with the Velodyne HDL 64 sensor



    Cs. Benedek, "3D People Surveillance on Range Data Sequences of a Rotating Lidar," Pattern Recognition Letters, Special Issue on Depth Image Analysis vol. 50, pp. 149–158, 2014

    [*] The Velodyne VLP16 sensor was obtained at MTA SZTAKI with the support of the Academic Infrastructure Grant 2015 of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

    [**] This experiment was accomplished through the Research & Development Operational Programme for the project "Modernisation and Improvement of Technical Infrastructure for Research and Development of J. Selye University in the Fields of Nanotechnology and Intelligent Space", ITMS 26210120042, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund


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