Research demos

A few selected demos related to my publications and research projects (click on the images)

Please find a complete list of my research projects here, and my publication list here.

Road scene understanding and autonomous driving: we are able to automatically interpret the LIDAR point cloud stream obtained from a moving platform, segment different point cloud classes, detect and recognize various field objects (details: i4D Project).

Virtual city modeling and moving person/crowd visualization: building facade and roof model reconstruction, texture polygon or colored point cloud visualization (details: i4D Project).

4D video surveillance: we jointly exploit various depth sensors and optical cameras, to achieve high level object detection and classification, multiple people localization and tracking, event recognition a biometric identification tasks (details: i4D Project).

Complex urban area analysis based on heterogeneous airborne and spaceborne data sources (in cooperation with Airbus Defence & Space Hungary, in the DUSIREF ESA Project). Published in IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (2015).

APIS Project (EDA): Target Detection, Recognition and Tracking in Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) Images. In collaboration with Univ. Pisa. Published in IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (2014).

THIS Project (EU): Multi Camera People Localization and Height Estimation (in collaboration with Akos Utasi). Published in IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (2012) presented in CVPR 2011.

Automated Optical Quality inspections of Printed Circuit Boards (in cooperation with the Dept. of Electronics Technology, Budapest University of Tech. and Economics). Published in IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics (2012), and in Pattern Recognition Letters (2011).

INRIA Postdoc Project: Marked Point Process Based Building Extraction and Change Detection in Multitemporal Aerial or Satellite Images. Published in IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2012)

Change detection in aerial images with large time differences (2007-2009).

Published in IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (2009).

A three-layer MRF model for object motion detection in aerial image pairs (2006-2009)

Published in IEEE Trans. Image Processing (2009) and IEEE ICIP 2007

Comparative evaluation of color spaces for shadow detection (Visit the bechmark database set web page.) Published in International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology (2007)

Bayesian Foreground and Shadow Detection in Surveillance Videos (2004-2008). Published in IEEE Trans. Image Processing (2008) and ACCV 2006 (LNCS). Visit the bechmark database set web page.


Further project demos

Haar-wavelet based car detection and tracking in rush-hours (2010)

In collaboration with Csaba Horváth, details available in his B.Sc. thesis (in Hungarian)

Multi Target Tracking on Urban Videos from Moving Airborne Platforms

In collaboration with Gellért Máttyus, Tamás Szirányi (DEVA, MTA SZTAKI) and Martin Russ (Bundeswehr University, Munich)

Video analysis for an industrial platform (joint project of SZTAKI and National Instruments Hungary, 2007)

Eye tracker project: measuring the visit frequencies of dynamic web advertisements during browsing (2007)

Background image synthesis in crowded streets (2006)